Leonard Young – Developing Accuracy in Mediumship by Enhancing Your Spiritual Connection

Mediumship is a practice that involves communicating with spirits of the deceased and interpreting their messages for the living. For many people, connecting with loved ones who have passed away can bring closure, comfort, and a sense of peace. However, the accuracy of these communications is crucial to ensuring that the messages are meaningful and helpful.

Before delving into techniques for enhancing accuracy in mediumship, it’s essential to understand the nature of this practice.

Cultivating Spiritual Awareness: To enhance accuracy in mediumship, it’s crucial for mediums to cultivate heightened spiritual awareness. This involved developing a deep sense of attunement to spiritual realms.

Honing Intuitive Abilities: Mediums often rely on their intuitive abilities to interpret spiritual messages accurately. To strengthen these abilities, practicing regular specialized techniques.

Continuous Learning and Growth: Mediumship is an evolving practice that requires continuous learning and growth.

The Reverend Leonard Young

Leonard first became involved in Spiritualism at the age of thirteen and worked within the Spiritualist church in a variety of ways. At the age of nineteen, he entered monastic life to see if this was part of his spiritual journey.  It was not.   After returning home, he began his journey back into Spiritualism. He met the world-renowned Lecturer, Speaker, and Demonstrator (Medium) Ron J Baker in the 1970s, who taught him much of what he needed to know during those early years. When Ron passed away, Gordon Higginson took him under his wing and continued to support and help him. He has since worked at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, for just over 20 years as a Tutor, and Course organiser, until he stepped down in 2002. He was also the former Vice-President of the Spiritualist National Union.

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