Stella Upton – Investigation of Haunting Phenomena

There are many myths and misconceptions when investigating haunting phenomena. We must consider the differences between layered residual energy, residual ghost energy and spirit phenomena, which all can manifest in these situations. The first step towards putting your own investigative team together is knowing what these differences are so that you may come to an understanding of what may occur and place suitable team members in the different roles of a paranormal team.

Looking briefly at basic equipment for a team to have and the sensible way to go about a haunting investigation, there will be further discussion about the different types of haunting phenomena, such as poltergeist activity and the manifestation of spirit apparitions.

Our own investigation of a haunted property, via a power point slide show, will try to ascertain if ghost or spirit still live there. Is there really poltergeist activity at this place?

I am looking forward to having people like you on my team. Come on, take this opportunity, you know you want to.

Stella Upton is an English Medium, who has been aware of spirit people from an early age. She first attended The Arthur Findlay Collage in the 1980s, later becoming a Tutor and Course Organiser there for several years. Stella has travelled the world, teaching in many countries over a period of thirty years. During Covid restrictions she has worked on the Zoom facility to continue her teachings online. Her specialities are: Evidential mediumship, paranormal Investigation, helping to find the missing, augury, auragraphs and spirit art, healing, meditation, self-empowerment, and working with the Psychic.

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