Minister Jackie Wright is a Medium from the North East of England, she serves her Religion extensively across the world promoting the word of Spiritualism.

Jackie is a Minister and holds Several Diplomas of the SNU.

She is also a Tutor and Course Organiser at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College, and the current Chairman of the collegiate committee.

Jackie is also very honored to be the Vice President of the Spiritualist National Union

Jackie will be teaching:

The Role of the Medium

Have you ever wondered what your role is as a medium?  Do you think it is just to give evidential messages?  As you embark on the Journey of mediumship how do you the medium fit into that Journey, are you merely a ‘message giver’? Join Jackie for this Lecture as you uncover the role you the medium plays in the reunion between the unseen world and our world.

Fee $25US