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The Spiritual Path Church strives to be a beacon of light for Spiritualists all over the world. We want to enlighten The World with what the religion of spiritualism is all about.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help people learn what Spiritualism is all about

The Spiritual Path Church strives to be a beacon of light for Spiritualists all over the world. We want to enlighten The World with what the religion of spiritualism is all about. We believe that Life goes on after Physical Death. and Spiritualists prove this through Mediumship.

Our Purpose

It can be seen that spiritualism is a religion of love, reuniting friends and relatives who share memories of whom death has temporarily separated. It is a religion that brings comfort and healing to the bereaved and lonely, and within which can be found a place for all who seek the truth about God and life. 

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Our Beliefs & Values

We believe that Life goes on after Physical Death and Spiritualists prove this through Mediumship.


Sensitive people all around


Prove the Harmony that can abound


Is present in all


Right here and now


Interested in others insistent on truth


Through Faith and Love and those above


Using our thoughts and Hearts


Accepting our test’s and task’s


Living each day to its fullest


Inspired by all that’s near


Steadily walking life’s path


Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

“As the Sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun,
so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of Truth.”

This is the motto of Spiritualism

Who We Are

Our Leadership

Karen was born in western Pennsylvania and worked as a social worker for many years.  In her own words, “I had a near death experience at the age of five.  I have been conscious of spirit communication from that time on.  It was after my parents passed on to the other side, that I was drawn to bring out my mediumship skills.  To bring my gift full circle, I studied with two great mediums.  One was Rev. Janet Nohavec, from The Journey Within School for Mediumship in New Jersey.  The other was Rev. Leonard Young, from England.  He taught at Arthur Findlay College at Stansted.  I have also been trained to do platform mediumship.  I am truly blessed that God has given me a gift so that I can help connect to the Spirit World.”

Always feeling the need to serve, Karen opened her own church in 2008.  The Spiritual Path Church is in New Castle, PA. It is affiliated with The Spiritualist National Union, based in England. Through the church, she offers weekly church services, Wednesday night circles, on-line classes, radio shows, blogs and educational books. Her books are Treasures from the Spirit World; Seers, Mediums and Spiritualists; and Spiritualist Camps: Their History and Prominent People. Another book published by her co-author, Blessing from Agnes, tells the story of Spiritualists in New Castle, PA and includes Karen’s story.

Karen is a member of several organizations, including the Lily Dale Assembly, International Spiritualist Federation, and the International Association for Near-Death Studies. She also founded the Western Pennsylvania IANDS in 2009.  As a member of the ISF, she writes a column entitled “Pearls from the Past” for their Yours Fraternally publication.

Our Pastor : Karen L. Heasley

Our Pastor : Karen L. Heasley


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is a Science, a Philosophy, and a Religion.

The Hydesville Rappings established that it is possible to communicate with the Spirits of the so-called dead. The communications were made easy because of an easily understood code.
Certain people called mediums must be present for communication to happen.

Where can I learn more about Spiritualism?

We’ve got you. don’t worry! We have classes held by spiritualism experts, group events online and in-person, and all the inspiration you need to get started. CLICK HERE to LEARN NOW

What is a Medium?

Mediums are people whose psychic faculties have been developed, together with their spiritual understanding , so enabling them to link both areas of life and to receive communication that is both evidential and identifiable.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is a natural activity and can be divided into two main categories. Contact Healing requires the healing medium to be with the patient, administering healing in a simple, dignified manner.
Absent healing is carried out by thought and prayer and allows those unable to attend the healing sanctuary to be assisted.

What is the difference between mental and physical mediumship?

The difference is that when the phenomenon is of a mental nature, it is received first by the medium and then passed on to the recipient, whilst a physical phenomenon can be witnessed, heard or felt by all present.

Why sunflowers?

The sunflower is an important symbol of Spiritualism and is also called the flower of God. 

Noah's Ark Society Archive

Noah's Ark Society for Physical Mediumship originated on April 25, 1990, in a Spiritualist home circle in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England. The people sitting in an attempt to communicate heard an independent voice message (heard apart from any of their members speaking), that urged those present to form an organization specifically devoted to the promotion of physical mediumship and the development of mediums in whose present physical mediumship occurs. The voice identified himself as Noah Zerdin, a Spiritualist known for his having founded The Link, a network of Spiritualist groups built around small groups that sat for spirit contact in their homes. Zerdin had been the mentor of Leslie Flint, who died in 1994.

The Spiritualists' National Union

The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) is a religious charity that supports Spiritualist Churches all across the United Kingdom, including the training of spiritualist healers, spiritualist mediums, public speakers and teachers.

National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC)

Welcome to the website for the NSAC.  Spiritualism is a religion and philosophy of life focused on joy, harmony, and a fear-free understanding of the continuity of life.


As an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) focuses most of its resources on providing the highest quality information available about NDE-related subjects. It is the only such membership group in the world. 

About ISGO

IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO™) is a global online meeting space created for near-death and other experiencers of the extraordinary that meet online to learn, share and grow.

ISGO™ is open to anyone with a sincere interest in respectfully exploring, understanding, and communicating about various topics including near-death and related experiences.

International Spiritualist Federation

The ISF is a group of people from all walks of life, from countries worldwide. We are individuals, groups, churches and organisations who care about global Spiritualism. We come together to support, share and learn together. We have healers, mediums, tutors, or just someone wanting to be part of this growing group of people.

Lily Dale Assembly

We are an international member organization and residential community comprised of persons who practice the faith of Spiritualism. Our Lily Dale Assembly members are ambassadors of Lily Dale and the religion of Spiritualism within their own communities.



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