The other day I was watching the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, during which an angel helps a distraught businessman by showing him what life would be like if he never existed. I assume most people identify with Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey. But the character I love the most is Bailey’s guardian angel, Clarence, played by Henry Travers.

Most people probably imagine guardian angels as perfect beings with flawless dispositions clad in white robes, halos and wings. Clarence is a kindly, unassuming soul. After he saves George from an intended suicide, we find that he is not a perfect being. He has come to earth to earn his wings. To do that he must help George.

It’s been said that angels are the most under-employed souls because people here on this earthly plane never ask for their help. It is no coincidence that Spiritualists believe in the Ministry of Angels. We believe that angels never existed on Earth in physical form but are immortal beings who take on the role of God’s divine helpers. It is through them that He makes known His purpose and will. Angels serve God and act on His authority for the good of His other creations. Their role is to show us our spiritual path. They awaken an awareness of God’s plan within us.

Most of us are familiar with the notion of guardian angels. These are angels who take on the special responsibility of helping us discover our true purpose here on Earth. Guardian angels come close to us when we are in trouble or need. They assist us by offering protection and support, and easing our fears in times of distress. “They bring the light of eternal truth for our upliftment and they rejoice when we are happy and fulfilled,” Carol Austin wrote.

We can ask angels for help, but it must be understood, that they will not interfere with our responsibility to conduct our lives in accordance with our own conscience. That responsibility is ours alone to bear. “We know that with the guidance of compassionate spiritual and angelic beings we shall move towards fulfilment of the purpose for which our earthly lives were intended,” Austin wrote.
I love our Christmas Eve service at the Spiritual Path Church, because every year we meditate to open ourselves to the angels. This is something many people have never done before and our service is open to the community. The practice helps people who attend become aware of their guardian angels.

“It was a time of my life when I needed to feel more grounded in my spiritual practice and I ‘happened’ to see an angel meditation being offered at a local church,” Ruth Kovac says.  “My friend and I went, and I found it a peaceful place to be, and found a peaceful place inside myself.  I am grateful for that and for the community that I found.”

“One present I give myself each Christmas Eve is attending a candlelight service called, Sitting in the Power of the Angels,” Gerri Heckler added.  “Too much jingling, shopping and parties can easily pull me away from how I like to feel during this season.  Soft candlelight and soothing music quiets my mind and connects me with God and His glorious angels who quickly restore my soul with joy, peace, hope and love–the perfect gifts to share with others.”

During the movie, it’s mentioned that every time you hear a bell ring an angel has gotten its wings. The Third Principle of Spiritualism maintains the human experience of linking with individual spirits and higher beings and affirms that we can both commune and communicate with them. It is my fervent wish and hope for everyone that you too will find your own Clarence this holiday season.

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