Estelle Roberts was born in May 1889 in Kensington, a suburb of London. She was married three times and had a total of 4 children. Her third husband, Charles Tilson-Chrowne, was a spiritualist who worked alongside her as a healer, but he too passed over like her previous husbands.

As a child, Estelle encountered spirits, but she didn’t develop as a medium until she was in her thirties. She conducted many séances and demonstrated using several forms of mediumship, including physical materialization and direct voice. In the 1950’s she was instrumental in obtaining legal recognition of Spiritualism by the British Government.

As a trance medium, she connected with her spirit guide, Red Cloud.  She said, “I’ve worked with Red Cloud for nearly fifteen years, and during that time he has toiled unceasingly to demonstrate eternal spirit truth. He has never told us who he was on earth. When asked, he has always answered: ‘Know me by my works.’ We know that he passed this way before us, when he probably dwelt in Egypt. We believe, too, that he was either in this world, or very near to it, in the days of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Red Cloud spoke on a variety of topics, many of which have been published by SDU Publications. One of the topics is “Where is Spiritualism Leading You?” He begins to answer this question by equating Spiritualism with the Christianity of two-thousand years ago, and the natural law of four-thousand years ago. He rephrased the question to be, “Where is the great truth leading you?”

The first thing he emphasized was that we all have free will to think for ourselves. “You, and you alone, will reap what you sow. Whether good or bad, it is for you to decide.” He added that we can say all the prayers we want, but none of those prayers will help us if we don’t help ourselves. He said the Bible can be a resource, but “read the Bible for yourselves, not through another man’s mind, not even through mine.”

Red Cloud said a great truth leads us, and like St. Paul said in Corinthians, if “there be none risen from the dead ‘then all my teaching is in vain.’” Like Paul, if the spirit guides cannot help, then all their teaching is in vain. He said the world needs to awaken to accept both free will and personal responsibility.

Unification of all religious and spiritual beliefs and peoples is necessary for progress. “One of the things I find as I look around your earth world—I am sorry to say this—is that the brotherhood of man is practiced more by those who have no dogmas and creeds.”

He added that we must understand the law of cause and effect and that materialism is destroying spiritual truth. “Spiritualism can teach man how to put his own world right, adjust his own laws, appeal to his God for sustenance.” He said the job of the spirit guide is to show people how to live in the world and manifest universal love.

“Once you begin to awaken to your responsibilities,” he said. “the veil will be stripped away, and you will see God in humanity.”

Reading Resources:

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